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Go Home Baths and Rinse Downs

Rinse Downs:

Our job is to make your pup happy and tired! For many pups, this includes getting nice and dirty which does not bode so well for the car ride home. That is why we offer rinse downs! This means we will rinse all the dirt, dust, and mud off your pup before you pick them up. This service is only $5, and all we require is a minimum of 30 minutes for a heads up.

Rinse Downs
Go Home Baths


Have your pup looking and smelling like they were never here! If you would like a bath for your pup, we will rinse your pup down, soap them up with the appropriate grooming grade shampoo, and wash all the dirt and smell away. After their bath, we will put them in a kennel to dry. Here are some more things you may want to know:

  • Bath prices are determined by weight. Here’s the break down:

    • Small (1-24lbs): $25

    • Medium (25-59lbs): $35

    • Large (60-99lbs): $45

    • Giant (100+ lbs): $55

  • Our soaps vary depending on the dog and any sensitivities they may have. We will use the one we think best suits the job. If we have any questions, we will message you and ask for your preference!

  • We like to send dogs home dry! Fluffy pups are more fun to cuddle with! While this drying process often includes drying under a grooming dryer, some pups do not prefer this method of drying off. We want our pup customers happy as well, which means we will let them air dry instead! 

  • Depending on the dog's coat, size, and preferences, different dogs require different amounts of time to be fully bathed and dried before pick up! We need at least 3 hours notice if you want your pup to have a bath. 

Go home baths
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