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  • What is Giardia?
    Giardia or Giardiasis is “a common parasitic infection that can cause diarrhea in dogs. It is caused by an intestinal parasite called Giardia, which can be found in feces-contaminated soil, food and water.” Because Giardia is contagious, we do not want this spread throughout the dogs on the facility. This is why we require a fecal screening each year, and request a fecal screening if we see any concerning signs that may indicate something is amiss. If you are interested in learning more about Giardia or suspect your dog may have giardia, feel free to reach out to your vet or to look it up. Linked below is the website we quoted the definition from. Giardia: Infection, treatment and prevention.
  • Where do I send in my updated vaccines?
    Thank you for keeping these up to date! You or your vet can email them to:
  • Why do I need to fill out the supplement page? What is it for?
    Great question! Food supplements: When dogs board, some dogs have trouble eating for various reasons, whether they are anxious, tired, or unsure. As long as they are not flagged as having allergies, a sensitive tummy, or a denied supplement, we try to entice them by spicing up their food. This often gets dogs to eat and replenish the calories they expend throughout the day. We also use them to help hide pills for our dogs that come with medications! Aspirin: This is dog specific aspirin you can find at Petco and other pet stores. It is Nutri-Vet K-9 Aspirin. We use this for any injuries that cause pain such as a sprained ankle after a misstep, swimmers tail, sore paws, or dogs with bad hips. We always text first to request permission, but in the circumstance of no response due to time difference, service issues, etc., we have it listed on the supplements page for a back up. Benadryl: Benadryl is also used for multiple reasons. There are various bees, wasps and bugs that are around the property. Some dogs will eat bees or step on them. We have Benadryl for any case of swelling or allergy.
  • What is the respiratory disease going around and what are your procedures for this disease?
    This disease is referred to as Canine Atypical Infectious Respiratory Disease. Any dog showing symptoms is to be kept home. Any siblings are also to be kept home. So far, we have had no confirmed cases. We are sanitizing everything more frequently and doing our best to take preventative measures. So far, we have had no cases on the property.
  • What happens if there is an incident on the property?
    In case of any emergency, we will first contact the owner. If the owner is not able to take them to the vet, we will do so. Keep your pups' information up to date so we have access to this information. We will keep you informed if any event of this matter occurs. All dogs have been through a temperament check, but dogs are still animals, and things can happen. We do our best to avoid these circumstances.
  • What is Kennel Cough?
    Kennel cough is “infectious bronchitis in dogs. Just as in chest infections in humans, a number of different bacteria and viruses can cause the illness- normally a combination of both. It affects their respiratory system, causing them to cough.” ( Kennel cough will sound like your dog is trying to hack something up. They cough quite a bit in combination with this hacking noise. Please see a vet if you are concerned your dog is showing symptoms of kennel cough. Blue Cross Dog Health and Injuries
  • What do you mean by fecal test and why do you need it?
    A fecal test is required by our facility to ensure there are no contagious parasites or worms. One of the most common contagions is Giardia. To prevent this, we require proof of a clean fecal in order for your dog to come on the property. We also may request a fecal screening if we see concerning signs.
  • Why is there a 6 Month cut off?
    Typically around 6 months, we start to see an increase in aggression/ dominance, or becoming a victim of bullying. Neither of these behaviors is desirable and can become unsafe. For the safety of the dogs on the property, the 6 month cut off is non negotiable. If your pup is unneutered/unspayed and younger than 6 months, please be flexible. We may request they do not come on certain days if we are seeing signs that we don’t like, especially if there is another unfixed puppy on the property. We don’t want to send anyone home with puppies!
  • What vaccines are required?
    Rabies, Distemper/Parvo Combo (DAP, DHPP), Bordetella, and Influenza. As well as a fecal screen from the past year *Some vaccination records may not have Canine Influenza listed even if your pet(s) have been vaccinated.
  • Why do you require flea treatment?
    We have dogs come from all over the place. Some even come from different states! Please ensure your pup is on flea and tick medication so as to ensure that they stay safe at daycare.
  • Autopay: How do I set it up and when will my account be billed?
    Autopay can be turned on/off under your "User Profile". A credit card must be added under the "Payment" section. Setup instructions can be found under FAQ = "How do I use your booking SW". If you run into any questions or need assistance, we are happy to help. Please call 503-372-5259. Your account will be billed every Sunday. Please review your account before it is billed to avoid any errors. If you don’t do autopay, we do send out reminders on Sundays about your account balance.
  • What ways can I pay?
    Our most common form of payment is online through your portal. You can make payments through the “Make Payment” tab or through the “Bookings” tab on each individual booking. If you do not want to pay online, we also accept cash, card, check, PayPal, and Zelle. Emails or phone numbers needed for PayPal & Zelle are on the Rates Page.
  • How do I know if my booking is confirmed?
    You will receive an email to confirm your booking. If your booking says "unavailable" and cannot be saved, we may be full. You may give us a call to check on availability. Please book in advance, especially for holidays!
  • How do I use your booking software?
    You can download an overview/tour below, and login here:
  • How do I sign up for a Meet and Greet?
    Start by making a customer profile! Click on the “Register” link at the top of the page to get started. You will be asked to fill out customer information about yourself and about your pet. You can then request a Meet and Greet! Full instructions can be found under FAQ = "How do I use your booking SW". If you run into any questions or need assistance with your profile, we are happy to help. Please call 503-372-5259.
  • Why do you feed dinner so early?
    We feed breakfast around 5am. By 2pm our boarding dogs have been running around for about 8 hours and are ready to eat. Most dogs will figure out the feeding schedule pretty quickly and don’t have an issue with eating earlier than usual.
  • Why are dogs not allowed to wander the property before 7am?
    To comply with city guidelines we must have our early morning dogs either inside or within the fenced area around the owner’s house. This is so we can be courteous of our neighbors and to keep the noise down.
  • What do I need to bring for my dog's boarding stay?
    Please bring your dog's food (double check you have the right amount!), a bed and/or kennel if your dog prefers these at night time, and any medication your dog may be on. That’s everything we need! If your dog sleeps with a kennel cover or a blanket inside their kennel, you are more than welcome to bring those as well. Please refrain from bringing toys, excess treats, or leashes/harnesses.
  • Do you have nap times?
    We don’t force dogs to have nap or kennel time unless; the owner has requested it; our boarders need the extra rest during their stay; or young puppies simply need the extra rest. Dogs are welcome to sleep in our patio area or outside if they chose to.
  • What should I bring for daycare?
    You only need to bring your dog! And a lunch if you wish to have your dog to have a midday meal. You are welcome to leave leashes but we recommend bringing them with you as they are often left behind or misplaced.
  • Do you do grooming?
    At this time, we do not. Feel free to check out our recommended grooming company- Cute Cuts! They are located in Hillsboro just 10 minutes from our facility!
  • What does a normal day look like?
    The day starts bright and early around 5am with our boarding dogs waking up, going potty, eating breakfast, and back down for another nap. After 7am the dogs are welcome to roam the property and begin their fun as daycare dogs start to roll in to start their day as well. During this time the employees are walking around with the pups making sure they are on the move! At 11am we start lunch for our dogs as a midday meal for those who have it. After a few more hours of playtime and fun, we begin dinner for our boarding dogs at 2pm. After dinner the dogs are slowing down as we migrate to stay closer to the front gate since dogs will start to head home. Normal pick up will begin at 3pm to closing. For our boarding dogs we usually will bring them in between 5-6pm. This may change depending on different factors such as weather and staffing, but our pups are always inside before 7pm. Then everyone sleeps overnight to get ready to repeat the next day!
  • Who should I have as my emergency contact?
    Anyone NOT going out of town with you. We recommend someone not in the same household. This could be a parent, grandparent, child, grandchild, friend, relative, coworker, etc. We need someone that would be able to physically drive to our facility in case of emergency.
  • Are we a dog park?
    No, we are not. We are a daycare and boarding facility. Check out Hondo Dog Park just 3.1 miles away from our facility!
  • What’s up with the construction?
    We are always doing our best to make improvements to the property! Currently we have a few things going on. We are working on getting a better heating system so that we have more hot water- hooray! And our biggest and most visible project is a cell tower. This used to be on Intel's roof until their lease expired. This project is almost done, and in the future the dogs will not be able to access the tower at all. The construction crews have worked very closely with the crew on site to ensure the dogs safety during construction. Thanks for your patience!
  • How do you feed the dogs?
    For our boarding dogs we feed breakfast and dinner in the garage. Kennel sleepers will eat inside of their kennels and the rest we bring in groups to feed based on temperment. How many we bring in at a time depends on the group. There are typically two employees with the dogs as we feed unless most all dogs are in kennels. One will prepare the food while the other brings bowls to the appropriate dogs. Once a dog is done eating they are let back outside. For lunch time, it is a similar process but we do two dogs at the same time in the front gated area. We try to match dogs that eat at the same rate in order to keep them settled. *If any dog is showing food aggression or they are trying to steal other dog’s food, we have places for them to eat separately or we will feed them last
  • Should I take my dog's collar off?
    It is up to your personal preference. Some of our dogs have collars while some do not. If you want your dog to have a collar on, we recommend that tags are secured and not loose so they are not lost on the property while the dogs play. If we find that a dog is playing too roughly and grabbing onto a collar or a dog keeps finding ways to take the collar off, we will remove it and hang it up in the front gated area so it doesn’t get lost.
  • Why is my dog showing behavior at daycare that they don’t show at home?
    Dogs at daycare are similar to kids at school! They exhibit different behaviors when they aren’t around their parents. They may bark at daycare, jump on people, wrestle rough, show food aggressive tendencies, and lack obedience they would normally have at home. Not to worry! You’re not alone. Many dogs exhibit different behaviors at daycare because they know you aren’t watching! Our biggest recommendation for this is to make sure your training extends beyond home. Train near or at a dog park, train at the pet store, train in a downtown area, etc. You want an area that provides practice in a stimulated environment. Hope this helps!
  • What do I do if I receive a report home about my dog misbehaving?
    If you receive the first message, don’t worry! Your dog is not suspended! If you receive a message about a behavior we notice, our biggest recommendation is to get to training as soon as possible so we can tackle the issue before it becomes a problem. If you receive multiple messages, the issue is escalating further and may head towards suspension. Safety is our number one priority!
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