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Meet And Greet

This is a mandatory service for every new client! A Meet-and-Greet is required before signing up for daycare or boarding. 

  •  Dogs must be non-aggressive & friendly with dogs of all sizes

  • We do not have segregation of dogs based on size or age

  • We require all dogs to be respectful of others

  • If another dog does not want to play, they need to move on

  • Dogs must be tolerant of being cleaned up at end of the day

  • We need to wash/towel them off before coming inside the home

  • If your dog has ever wounded another dog, please disclose details

  • We want to understand the situation and circumstances

  • If your dog is an escape artist, please disclose details

  • Your pet's safety is of utmost importance to us!

  • If your dog has separation anxiety, please let us knowWe most often can work through this with them

  • If your dog has threshold issues, please let us know

  • If there is a trick to get your dog in the house, we need to know!

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