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We have two great options for our boarders! No matter the option you pick, your pup will be sleeping in a climate controlled building under supervision by the owners. Our different options help cater to your dog's preferences at home, while also keeping all our sleepover friends safe and as happy as can be!


Our different options are explained below.


Boarding Kennel Free: Our kennel free boarders have a variety of sleep options in the owner's home. These pups can choose to bring their dog bed, a blanket, or just make themselves at home on the couch!


Boarding Kennel Sleeper: Our kennel sleeper pups bring their own kennel to sleep in. This allows them to have their own space and get a good night's rest in their own familiar kennel! Many dogs prefer this familiarity!

*NOTE: If you bring a kennel, your pup should already be used to sleeping in it consistently. Otherwise it may add additional stress to their stay.


Here are some things to note for all boarders:

  • Ensure the dropoff and pickup time are accurate when making your booking.

  • Bring your boarder before 9am. This allows them to burn lots of energy and helps everyone in the house to sleep better! *If there is a scheduling or traveling conflict, please give us a call and we will work something out.*

  • Daycare cost is included in the boarding fee so no need to book both! *On pickup day, a daycare charge will be added if pickup is later than 12pm. This extra charge is no longer applicable if the stay is 4+ days.*

  • There is no extra cost to give dogs medication, eye drops, etc. We are happy to accommodate! Please leave thorough instructions that include time of day and frequency. 

  • Label all of your pups' things. This helps us stay organized! *Painters tape works well.*

  • Ensure your pups’ profile is as updated as possible.

  • Write out feeding instructions, how much and frequency (2 cups/3x a day).

  • No need to bring bowls! We have our own bowls that we regularly sanitize.

  • Pay after the boarding stay is complete! This allows room for the unexpected- delayed flights, change of plans, etc.

  • Emergency contact: Please ensure an emergency contact is on your profile. This is someone who will be able to pick up your dog at any point during their stay if there is an emergency situation.

  • Kennel Free Sleepers: There will be a mess charge if your dog makes an intentional mess in the house. Cameras are on to identify those responsible, and to assess situations. 

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