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Important Information:

For insurance reasons we cannot accept:

Pitbulls, Pitbull mixes, Bull Dogs, Cane Corsos, Dogo Argentinos, Akitas - absolutely no exceptions

Please try using the new portal for booking and payments. Use your payment login credentials.

Email with any issues.

We will have limited services on Sept 21st due to construction. For safety purposes, the dogs will not be allowed to free roam all 5 acres. If you are able to keep your dog home that day, please do so. If your dog is boarding during this time, we will make sure they enjoy their stay that day. 

New Clients - Daycare - Boarding

Information for integration into the pack, kennel free daycare & boarding


New client requirements listed on the 'Contacts' tab. A Meet-and-Greet is required before signing up for daycare or boarding. Schedule on-line using the "Book On-Line Now!" button on the 'Services' tab.

 - Dogs must be non-aggressive & friendly with dogs of all sizes

 - We do not have segregation of dogs based on size or age

 - We require all dogs to be respectful of others

     - If another dog does not want to play, they need to move on

 - Dogs must be tolerant of being cleaned up at end of the day

     - We need to wash/towel them off before coming inside the home

 - If your dog has ever wounded another dog, please disclose details

     - We want to understand the situation and circumstances

 - If your dog is an escape artist, please disclose details

     - Your pet's safety is of utmost importance to us!

 - If your dog has separation anxiety, please let us know

     - We most often can work through this with them

 - If your dog has threshold issues, please let us know

     - If there is a trick to get your dog in the house, we need to know!


Our hours are from 6:30 am am till 6:30 pm.  While we prefer that dogs are dropped off between 6:30 and 9:00 am to help the "jelling" process of the pack, we know that sometimes it is not always feasible to get your pet here during that time frame.  We are flexible in that regard.

We have nearly 5 fully fenced acres for dogs to play.

 - Dogs get to play all day on the property or have breaks in the dog house, versus many hour long breaks in crates or dens like so many other facilities.

 - Dogs get to choose where they want to be... if they are tired, cold, or hot they can come to the climate controlled Dog House and relax on the dog beds.
 - No extra cost for giving your dog medication, snacks or food.
       - Clearly label anything left with us to administer that day.
 - All dogs are screened for temperament and only well socialized non-aggressive dogs are allowed.

Dog Boarding

We are a kennel free boarding facility. We endeavor to keep your best friend's environment as close to home as possible. If your dog likes to sleep in his/her kennel or bed, please bring it. Our furry friends enjoy having something from home, like a blanket.

Here is what we do for our boarding dogs:

 - We have found that our boarders do best when dropped off before 9am, so they have time to burn off some energy before it's time to sleep. We understand that this timing cannot always be worked out and are flexible in that regard.

 - Since we are a kennel free facility, it is often times difficult to give just one particular dog a chew toy or kong. We can however isolate them for particular treats they are able to eat rather then work on for hours.

 - During the day, boarding dogs enjoy all the freedom of regular daycare
- Dogs get to choose where they want to sleep, whether it be their own bed or on a couch with friends.
- No extra cost on having to give your dog medication or any special treatments.

 - Please clearly label belongings left with us (painters tape works well). We prefer that you do not give us bowls or leashes since we don't need them. If needing to pass them along to another family member, please label and keep them with your pup's other belongings.

 - When feasible, pre-package portions for meals. Or label a large container with what portions you'd like given. If raw food, it must be pre-portioned in leak proof containers.

 - We are one of few places that actually sleep under the same roof as your pup and respond as needed.

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