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Client Requirements:

- Schedule a meet-and-greet using the "Book On-Line Now" button found on the 'Services' tab (if you have troubles, please call or send a note) 

- Dogs must be non-aggressive

     - Pass a temperament check

     - If past 6 months of age, they must be neutered/spayed

     - For insurance reasons we do not take Pit Bulls, Bull Terriers, Bull Dogs, Cane Corsos, or Dogo Argentios

- Dogs must have proof of vaccines (upload to your profile) & signed care agreement (sign on-line, hard copy on the 'Rates' tab)

     - Required (non-negotiable): Rabies, Parvo, Distemper, Parasite/Fecal Screening

     - Required unless medical issues related to them: Bordetella, Influenza, Flea Prevention

     - NOTE: There are confirmed cases of both strains of the canine flu in OR. Please ask your vet about vaccinating for it if not done already.

- Dogs must not be sick

     - If your dog is lethargic (not feeling well), has runny nose/eyes, is coughing/sneezing, or has diarrhea please keep them home so they don't share with others!

     - NOTE: Dogs can be contagious with kennel cough or the flu and show no physical signs

     - NOTE: Young dogs (< 1 year), with weaker immune systems, are more susceptible to sicknesses 


3700 NE 15TH AVE

Hillsboro, OR 97124

First time customer?

  - There are two driveways   

       - Turn in by the reflective 'Enter Here' sign

       - It leads to a small parking area

   - Text us when you are in the parking area

   - Do not enter unattended


Having troubles finding us? Please call:


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